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Linda prepares to leave Albert Square after trying to win Mick back in EastEnders

Will Janine's plan to get rid of Linda work?

Mick promises to try and make Linda seek professional help as he tries to convince Martin and Zack to let her move back in.

But when he goes for a walk with Linda, Janine is put out and Shirley reminds her Mick and Linda will always have something.

On their walk, Linda is furious when she realises Mick is trying to get her to an addiction meeting, but when he opens up about his own troubles and how his past with Katy has affected him, she finally admits she needs help.

At The Vic, Janine’s paranoia grows when Mick reveals he’ll be attending the meetings with Linda to support her.

When Linda returns to Sharon’s, Zack overhears her telling Annie she’s going to get Mick back and warns her about setting her sights on Mick.

After being given food for thought, things look up for her when Nancy invites her to a meeting at their new business. But when she asks Mick if he'll come too, he declines, not wanting to give the wrong impression.

Later, Mick joins them all to celebrate Linda getting a reduced price on the space and seeing her parents together, Nancy leaves and tells a paranoid Janine she left them alone.

Meanwhile, Sonia gives Janine a reality check about her priorities but feeling threatened by Linda, Janine comes up with a plan.

As Linda and Mick enjoy some time together at Walford East, Linda professes her love for him. How will Mick react? And will Linda like what she hears?

Finding Linda at the restaurant and wanting to get rid of her forever, Janine offers her £25k to leave Walford for good.

The next day, Linda continues to place doubts in Janine’s mind about her future with Mick as she agrees to Janine's offer.

Back at the pub, Janine is more determined than ever to get rid of Linda and comes up with a cunning plan.

Later, Zack and Nancy go to meet with their estate agent to sign the lease contract and Janine meets back with Linda. She has the money. But if she wants it, she'll have to leave tomorrow.

As Linda prepares to leave Albert Square, she says a subtle goodbye to her family and Zack clocks on to what's happening. Will Linda leave Albert Square?

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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