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Linda swaps The Queen Vic for the Launderette as EastEnders returns

But what about Mick?

Getting nowhere with his relentless job hunting, Mick tells Tina how desperate he is for work and she offers him a permanent job at The Albert.

But as Mick is shown round the bar, Kathy is doing the same with Frankie. With wires crossed, Kathy and Tina battle it out over who gets to keep their job. Bowing out, Mick lets Frankie have the job, but Tina isn’t happy about it.

When he tells Linda what he's done, promising that he'll find something better, Linda muses that the money from selling the pub won’t last forever.

Still upset that Mick turned the job down, Tina gives Frankie a hard time, really putting her through her paces. However, Frankie soon ends up impressing Tina.

EastEnders returns Monday 7th September at 8pm on BBC One


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