Lisa Hunter returns to Hollyoaks with secrets to spill

Will this ruin Zara's chances of running for council?

At The Dog, Tony is delighted as there is an opening for a new member of council. When Zara suggests Ollie should go for it, the competition is on when he convinces her that she would be a better fit.

And when Tony doubts Zara’s chances against him for the councilperson position, she has a trick up her sleeve to give her an edge and challenges him to a public debate.

Then next day, Zara and Tony bring the A game as they prepare for the debate. But could a blast from the past ruin things for Zara? It's certainly looking that way... as Lisa Hunter returns to the village, revealing secrets about her time in Thailand. But she has a proposition for Zara.

Later, a museum protest turns sour when Zara finds herself in trouble with the law.

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