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Lisa Loveday's body found in Hollyoaks

But will Martine find out the truth about her murder?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 6th December to Friday 17th December

Returning from his honeymoon, Felix is brought back to reality as he finds Celeste worried that Nate might have discovered something new. And later, he finds DeMarcus skipping school to hang out with his new best friend.

But when Felix leaves Nate with a warning to stay away, Nate sets his sights on Martine.

As Martine is questioned at the station, Celeste fills Toby in on all things Nate. Will he be able to remain calm? Or will the revelations trigger him to take drastic action? And when Martine reveals what she knows, Felix is forced to defend himself.

After a conversation with Celeste, Grace decides to be a better friend to Martine but as she visits her, she decides to go snooping and finds a phone number that could reveal all.

Making her excuses, Grace leaves Martine's early, armed with even more new information about Lisa’s disappearance. As Nate gets closer to the truth, Felix makes a shock revelation to him about Lisa.

And as Toby’s guilt starts to overwhelm him, he struggles to feel Felix and Celeste’s help is deserved, leaving him with a difficult decision to make.

All the while, the police are homing in on a discovery and finally, in the woods, a body is discovered. As the walls close in on Toby, Felix is confident in the lie he told. However, it proves difficult to remain calm when the identity of the body is confirmed to be Lisa Loveday.

Whilst Toby makes a drastic decision, Celeste has a master plan to get them out of this mess. And Martine receives the devastating news that Lisa's body has been found.

Distraught, Martine refuses to believe the heart-wrenching news from the police and Mitchell is accused of murdering Lisa.

Meanwhile, Celeste composes herself and sticks to her story, but Martine will never forgive her if she is lying.

Elsewhere, Nate opens up to Grace about why Lisa’s case is so close to his heart and admits that his real name is Saul.

Opening up to Martine, Saul tells her about his history with Lisa and his suspicions of Felix’s involvement in her murder. And after receiving a suspicious text message, Martine makes a decision she may live to regret.

Celeste’s decision to throw Mitchell under the bus puts a strain on her relationship with her mum so to distract herself, she arranges a girls’ night out. And when charming newcomer Sam buys the girls a drink, Celeste ends up wanting to see what he’s made of.

Meanwhile, Scott lends a helping hand by taking care of a friend’s daughter, Mary, over Christmas. But as he juggles his sadness about Mitchell and taking care of Mary, he’s too distracted to notice her slipping an ornament from Ripley’s stall into her pocket.

And Aunt Diane teaches Scott a thing or two about parenting when he finds the price tag on Mary’s angel.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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