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Lister makes Honey feel uncomfortable in EastEnders

What advice will Jay give?

With Stacey feeling down, after witnessing Whitney and Kheerat talking, Eve tries to help by building bridges with Suki, but it doesn't go well.

As they hurl insults at each other, Honey steps in but Suki warns if she doesn’t do something about Stacey’s food van’s hygiene she will put in an official complaint.

Later, Honey is shocked to see Eve and Stacey parked directly in front of the Minute Mart. Furious, Suki lashes out at Honey, threatening to get her fired if she doesn't get the van moved. But as a hapless Honey tries to be fair, the women continue to try and outsmart each other.

And when Honey goes to her performance review, Lister is more interested in getting drinks.

After Lister makes her feel uncomfortable, Honey vents to Jay, who offers her a pep talk which inspires her to use the situation to her advantage.

Later, at the Minute Mart, Vinny gets robbed by some youths as Dotty and Stacey watch on and soon after, Vinny vents to Dotty about Suki.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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