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Liv and Vinny get caught in the storm in Emmerdale

As Aaron and Paddy set off to see Chas in the hospital.

Chastising her brother Aaron for his decision to leave, Liv storms off, leaving her brother hating what this is doing to them.

As they reconcile, Mandy, Vinny, Liv and Aaron share a special family moment as they hanker away from the storm. But they're left shaken when a dishevelled Paddy arrives with news Chas is in hospital.

Together, Aaron and Paddy set off to see Chas, quickly followed by Liv and Vinny who head to mind Eve at the Woolpack.

Despite struggling against the violent storm, they're both determined to press on.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm with an extra hour-long anniversary episode on Sunday 16th October on ITV


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