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Lives are in danger as a storm hits the village in Emmerdale

As the full devastation is revealed, can the village rebuild?

Sunday's hour-long episode of Emmerdale, to celebrate 50 years of the popular soap, opens in the village with Kim thoughtful as she rides her horse in the beautiful surroundings.

We see Moira Barton looking out across her farmland whilst in the village Dawn and Lucas set a red kite off up over the houses. Meanwhile, up at Home Farm, a brooding Will looks pensive ahead of his wedding day.

At Home Farm, Billy’s worried when Will informs him there may now not be a wedding as he and Kim need to have it out if they’re going to move forward.

When Kim arrives home, their argument commences with Will insisting that he doesn't want to be with Harriet, putting the ball firmly back in Kim’s court. Has he said enough to win back his bride?

Before long, Kim confronts Harriet who is very surprised to see her and snaps, grabbing Kim by the throat. How will Kim react? And what can Kim say or do to get Harriet to back off from her man?

Meanwhile, at the church, the wedding guests get settled ahead of Kim’s arrival and on word that her arrival is imminent, the guests head outside to see the spectacle of the elegant and magisterial Kim arriving down main street on horseback and the wedding ceremony commences.

After the ceremony, on leaving the church, the wedding party are shocked by the intensity of the wind. As the storm continues to rage, a barn at Moira’s farm collapses and the cows escape panicking in the wind they begin to stampede.

Back at Home Farm, the wedding celebrations begin and when Lydia arrives asking for help in the search for Amelia, Kim steps up to saddle her horse ready to go looking for Amelia in the storm.

When Kim eyes Harriet from her horse, it’s clear there’s unfinished business.

Out in the fields and fighting the dangerous conditions, Harriet bombs across the countryside on a quad bike, battling her way in the wind to try and find Amelia

As Kim struggles against the elements on her horse, she spots the tyre tracks of Harriet’s quad and begins to follow Harriet’s path into the woods.

After abandoning the minibus, the golden ticket wedding guests battle the storm as they search for Home Farm.

Determined to be positive for the kids’ sake, Jimmy rallies his demoralised troops and Marlon and Mary’s fear for Rhona rises when she doesn’t return home. Seriously worried for Rhona’s safety, Mary and Marlon exchange a fearful glance.

When a loved character finds themselves trapped, safety is reached for someone and as Lydia gets terrible news, Bernice and Diane survey the damage inside the Woolpack.

As the sun rises over Emmerdale in the aftermath of the storm, Diane reassures Pollard they’ll be able to rebuild. But as the full devastation in the village is revealed, will everyone feel that way?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm with an extra hour-long anniversary episode on Sunday 16th October on ITV


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