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Lola pushes ahead with fundraiser despite declining health in EastEnders

But why does the hospital want Lola to come in for an early appointment?

Busy making preparations for her charity fundraising event, Lola is stopped in her tracks when the hospital ask her to come in for an early appointment.

Trying to hide his concerns from a panicked Lola, Jay remains optimistic about the visit. After the appointment, Lola insists that she wants to plough on with the fundraiser.

Later, Lola asks Sam if she can hire Peggy’s for the event. But when Sam declines. Lola lashes out before Phil steps in promising Lola that Peggy’s is hers for free if she needs it. With Lola touched by Phil’s generosity, a drunken Sam is left humiliated that her brother has undermined her once again.

Determined to push forward with her fundraiser event, Lola argues with Ben to prioritise their daughter.

Lola is overcome with emotion when she realises that Lexi believes that she will get better. And Lola is choked by her family’s unwavering support.

After a hugely successful fundraiser, Lola asks Emma to join her and Lexi’s girly night in. But when she declines the offer, Jay fears that Emma is unable to cope with Lola’s declining health and confronts her.

Drowning her sorrows in The Vic, Emma opens up about her mum guilt with Sam.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One

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