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Lola receives devastating news following seizure in EastEnders

How will she and Jay react to the news that doctors have found a tumour?

When Lola invites Callum to watch Lexi perform, he declines believing it’s best to keep his distance following an awkward run-in with Ben.

As Lola helps Lexi get ready for the pageant, panic strikes when her dress rips and they rush over to Chelsea's, where Felix offers to help.

With Lexi's dress fixed, Lola corners Callum and manages to encourage him to change his mind about attending. At the pageant, just as Ben is about to share some bad news with Callum, they're interrupted by Jay.

Before Lexi’s performance gets underway in the bathroom Lola has another dizzy spell and collapses due to a seizure. Finding Lola on the floor, Jay and Ben call an ambulance.

As they wait for news on Lola, Ben tells Callum his news.

After the doctors complete a CT scan in the hospital, they inform Jay and Lola that they have found a tumour that may be cancerous.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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