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Lola tries to reunite Ballum in EastEnders

But could there also be a reunion on the cards for her, with Jay?

Lola hopes that by helping Vi move out of her house, Ben and Callum will start talking again and ropes Jay into her plans. But when Callum returns to find Ben, Jay, and Lola helping Vi, he and Ben soon realise it’s all been a set-up.

In a moment of closeness, they both admit there are still feelings there but are interrupted by Ben’s SOIT officer.

Organising a surprise birthday party for Jay, Lola convinces Callum to help her organise it, hoping it'll get him and Ben closer. After roping Ben into their plans, Jay arrives and states he doesn’t want to celebrate this year as an unaware Lola moves forward with plans. Leaving Ben and Callum undecided on whether to tell Lola.

Later, Lola awaits everybody’s arrival at Peggy’s unaware that Alfie has botched her plans and after Ben and Callum struggle to convince a reluctant Jay to celebrate, they eventually reveal Lola's surprise to him.

As Jay arrives and feigns enthusiasm, Lola tries to get him to enjoy himself. After discovering that Jay was already aware, Lola and Jay share a moment after he mentions that she was the love of his life.

And as Rocky attempts to make a speech for Jay, Shirley has a devious idea.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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