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Luca Toolan joins Corrie as part of its new bullying storyline

He'll play Weatherfield High’s Year 11 bad boy Mason alongside Liam McCheyne who returns as Dylan.

Coronation Street is set to tackle the issue of bullying at school in a new storyline which will unfold this autumn with Manchester actor Luca Toolan joining the cast as Weatherfield High’s Year 11 bad boy Mason.

Tonight (Monday 11th September) we were first introduced to Mason as one of the students making fun of Ruby Dobbs, which led to Hope confronting Mason, Dylan and Liam.

But it doesn’t stop there though as things are set to get worse when Mason quickly takes Dylan Wilson, played by Liam McCheyne, under his wing and targets Liam Connor as their new victim.

Will Dylan realise how dangerous Mason’s influence is before it’s too late?

In the coming months, Mason’s torment of Liam will escalate, setting not only the pupils but the parents against each other with Sean, Maria and Gary pointing the finger of blame at each other's sons.

Speaking ahead of the storyline, newcomer Luca Toolan said "I found out about the extent of the storyline on my first day through Liam and Charlie as they were given a lowdown as to what’s happening. They told me it was going to get dark. It’s exciting to be here but there’s also more pressure and responsibility to do this storyline justice."

To which Liam McCheyne added "I think Dylan is very naive in what he's going into. I think Sean realises how dangerous Mason’s influence is but Dylan ignores him quite a lot. Mason isn’t a true friend to Dylan, but as I’ve said he’s very easily influenced so I don’t think he realises what he’s getting himself into."

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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