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Lucia Keskin's debut comedy Things You Should Have Done coming to BBC Three

The six-part series promises to be a hilarious, offbeat, dysfunctional family sitcom, from the unique comedy mind of Lucia Keskin.

Created and written by Lucia Keskin, Things You Should Have Done stars Lucia as Chi, a self-confessed ‘stay-at-home-daughter living a simple life. She eats crisps, makes weird vlogs and watches sitcoms. And that's all that she's done for 20 years to be fair.

But when her parents, who she is so dependent on, unexpectedly die, Chi is suddenly forced to fend for herself. Chi will inherit the house on condition she completes a list of 'Things You Should Have Done’ left by her parents (everything from ‘Pet a dog’ to ‘Get a job’).

Meanwhile, Chi’s highly-strung Auntie Karen played by Selin Hizli, wants nothing to do with her dependent pest of a niece, but very much wants the house she feels is rightfully hers!

In each episode, Chi tackles something from the list and is unleashed on the locals of Ramsgate, who bring something new to Chi’s understanding of life but leave wishing they’d never met her.

Speaking about her first comedy for television, Lucia Keskin said "I cannot believe it's actually happening, very excited and just so grateful to fulfil a dream with such a great team of people. But above all it’s just nice to get out of the house."

To which producer Steve Monger added "Chi really has a one-of-a-kind comedy brain! I can’t wait to see her brand of offbeat Gen-Z humour meets traditional sitcom unleashed on the BBC. It’s been an absolute dream bringing this mad show to life with a super talented cast, crew and commissioning team."

Produced by Roughcut Television, Things You Should Have Done will be produced by Steve Monger and directed by Jack Clough.

Things You Should Have Done will air on BBC Three


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