Luke faced with a ghost from his past in Hollyoaks as Ollie brings Stephen McGregor to the village

Will Ollie soon regret what he's done?

As tensions rise between her and Cindy, Becky offers advice on alternative natural remedies for Luke’s condition, but just as the pair begin building bridges, Becky makes a horrific statement.

As Becky is berated for her hateful comments, Cindy hopes that this will prove to Ollie just how bad of an influence his girlfriend really is.

However, before Cindy can speak to him, Becky makes a shocking discovery, finding a prison letter proving that Cindy has been writing to one of Luke’s attackers, Stephen McGregor.

Using this to her advantage, Becky gets Ollie back on her side.

Posing as Luke, Ollie arranges to meet with Stephen McGregor, but even Becky doesn't back his plan, resorting to asking arch-nemesis Cindy for help..

As Stephen McGregor encounters Luke on his way to the park, the pair talk about old times. Does Luke truly understand what’s going on?

Later, with Luke nowhere to be seen, Ollie blames himself for bringing Stephen McGregor to the village. But soon, he shifts the blame to Stephen after running into him in the village.

Making another gamble with Ollie, James weighs out a life-shattering choice.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4