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Luke is determined to rescue a kidnapped Darren in Hollyoaks

But as Darren plans his own escape, will either plan work?

At the beginning of November, Darren Osborne mysteriously vanished following a disagreement with Nancy, after she revealed to him that she was pregnant. Kidnapped by Ethan, the reason for which remains unknown.

Soon, the secrets surrounding Darren’s kidnappers will be uncovered, and we'll find out just how dangerous Maya, Ethan's partner in crime, is. How far is Ethan willing to go to prove himself to her?

Things go from bad to worse for a pregnant Nancy as she prepares to face the fact that Darren won’t be returning when she struggles to get a prop donkey for the school’s nativity. With new teacher, Olivia quick to the rescue, is Nancy about to be outshined?

Having received a bag of Darren’s belongings, Luke realises his lucky shirt is still here and becomes determined to find his best mate. His family, however, fear his FTD is fuelling his obsession.

Meanwhile, a captive Darren has an opportunity to get in touch with Nancy as he gets his hands on a phone, but, to his horror, it dies before she can answer. Another chance presents itself, but will he be successful?

Later, a text to Nancy’s phone could be the final nail in the coffin for her hopes of Darren’s return.

Elsewhere, Ste and Sienna enlist the help of Leela for their first big cleaning job, which just so happens to be at the same hotel that Darren is being held against his will. Overhearing them planning their visit, Luke decides to go with them having tracked Darren's location down on an app.

At the hotel, a determined Luke is on the search for his best friend and whilst Sienna, Ste and Leela clean every single room, an unaware Darren makes an escape attempt of his own. It remains to be seen whether the two groups will collide in time!

Back at home, Nancy takes her mind off things by throwing herself into her work and agrees that Olivia can be the assistant director of the nativity. However, things later take a turn for the worse and it’s clear she’s not coping well when she destroys Olivia’s makeshift prop donkey.

As Luke becomes obsessed with finding Darren, concerns for his health grow and he unintentionally upsets Nancy and Cindy in the process. Later, he breaks down in the village, confused about upsetting the people he loves.

And having had enough of Nancy’s snide comments, Olivia abruptly reveals her pregnancy secret to a stunned John Paul. But with Nancy not quick to forgive Olivia for blurting out her pregnancy secret, is there a rivalry forming between the two teachers?

Sid meanwhile, tries to convince Leela to come clean about losing her job, but she refuses, wanting to keep it together for the sake of her family. However, things go from bad to worse when Ste tells her he can’t pay his half of the mortgage this month. Will she finally reveal all to the family?

Elsewhere, we finally get a glimpse of Ethan’s partner in crime as he takes the next stages in his plan to silence Darren for good.

After spending the night in the cold, Luke is hospitalised with mild hypothermia, which leaves Cindy worrying that it might not be illness that kills him, but his impulsive decisions.

Having booked a scan to see if he’s inherited the FTD gene from his dad, Ollie is unsure whether he wants to go through with it, not wanting to know the result. Later, when Ollie receives his test results, will it be good news? And as Ollie grows closer to Becky, will her extreme beliefs cause trouble for the teenager?

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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