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Luke re-lives his assault as a teenager in Hollyoaks and fears for his dementia

But will he agree to speak to a consultant?

On Wednesday (7th April), during a special Don't Filter Feelings episode, some of the Hollyoaks residents reveal their most vulnerable sides as they are forced to confront their past including Luke who re-lives his rape as a teenager.

With Ollie nowhere to be seen on his 18th birthday, Luke is heartbroken about his fractured relationship with his son. When Mandy tries to reach out to Luke, he takes his anger out on her, demanding she moves out today.

Later, Luke discovers that Ollie hasn’t been living with Ste for the past few weeks, where is he?

Having been up all night searching for his missing son, Luke manages to track him down in a disused garden centre where he’s been sleeping rough and offers to stay with him until he trusts himself enough to go home.

As he tries to persuade Ollie that he needs to go to rehab, Luke re-lives his rape as a teenager and fears about his dementia.

Cindy has a heart-to-heart with Mandy who opens up about her past traumas, as she explains why she behaved in the way she did to protect Ella and Cindy discusses her bipolar disorder.

Worrying that Luke’s dementia is getting worse, Cindy urges him to speak to a consultant.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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