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Luke's mother returns to Hollyoaks to deliver some shocking news to her son

Marian McLoughlin takes over from Eve White who played Sue Morgan until October 2002 which is the last time the character was seen on screen.

After leaving Hollyoaks village almost 19 years ago, Sue Morgan is back to make amends with her son and has come bearing some heartbreaking news.

In upcoming episodes, the reunion between Luke and his estranged mother is frosty to say the least, as they try to rebuild their relationship.

As Luke tries to deal with the shocking news, Cindy urges him to tell his mum about his dementia. But with Luke not wanting to tell his mum the truth, he asks Cindy to keep quiet, much to her dismay.

Later, it becomes clear that the secret will be hard to keep. And when Sue makes it clear to her son that she thinks Mandy is a more suitable match for her son than Cindy, how will Luke react?

Talking about joining Hollyoaks, Marian said "It’s always a bit like your first day at school. You would think after 40 years or so of acting I would be used to it, but on Hollyoaks, from the moment I arrived, I was made to feel so welcome."

"I love playing Sue. She doesn't have a filter and thinks she can say whatever she likes. She’s sort of passive aggressive, she smiles at you, but then there is a real sting in the tail. It is a treat playing Luke’s mum. She is on mission for Luke to be happy - at least her vision of what that should be. She has come back to make her peace with her son, for her neglectful mothering in the past."

And on working with her on screen son Gary Lucy, Marian said "I’m so pleased to be filming alongside Gary – I couldn't have wished for a more caring and generous actor to work with, and with a great sense of humour."

British TV actor Marian is best known for her role as Marina Bonnaire on Doctors, and has also appeared on Vera, Trying, and Home Time.

Marian’s first appearance on Hollyoaks as Sue will be on Monday 3rd May on E4 and again on Tuesday 4th May on Channel 4.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4

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