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Lydia is mugged in Emmerdale

And Samson seeks revenge after recognising her muggers.

Despite Sam and Samson’s best efforts, Lydia sees what’s been posted about her online and she’s heartbroken by it.

The next day, a brick is thrown through their window, and feeling protective, Samson worries about leaving Lydia alone and urges her to call the police about the harassment.

Sam meanwhile, wants to settle this the Dingle way. But Lydia, not wanting to ever condone violence, assures him that she can manage a solo trip to the police station to report the harassment.

However, when she leaves the Dingles', Lydia is robbed outside her front door by a pair of lads out for revenge about the pension scam. Happening upon her mugging, Samson doesn't intervene, recognising her muggers.

When Sam turns up, he chases the lads away, leaving Samson feeling upset that he didn't protect her.

Back inside the house, Sam’s fuming about what happened to Lydia and puzzled as to why Samson isn’t equally fired-up for revenge. And Samson finds himself caught between Sam’s desire for violent revenge and Lydia’s hope for no more trouble.

But when Sam takes Lydia to the police station to make a report, Samson puts a crowbar into his school bag. He’s after payback for Lydia.

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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