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Lydia left in utter shock after Craig takes advantage of her in Emmerdale

Will Lydia keep her trauma a secret?

Lydia and Sam are left confused when Craig arrives back at Wishing Well unannounced.

Intent on confronting an elephant in the room, he hopes he can talk to Lydia about their past and she nervously offers to take him to their baby’s resting place.

Later, Craig and Lydia look over where their baby's ashes were scattered and imagine what his life would have been like. As they reflect on their lives, it becomes clear their shared grief has bonded them.

Upon returning, Lydia and Craig share a charged moment. Keeping her near kiss a secret from an oblivious Sam, we wonder where her renewed connection with Craig will lead.

The next day, Lydia’s anxious at Home Farm as she snaps at Kim before sharing about her charged moment with Craig. Before long, at his office, Lydia hands in her resignation but falters when Craig emphasises how much their recent connection has meant to him. Taking back her resignation, Lydia worries if she’s making the right call.

Soon, Craig reveals his true feelings for Lydia and she’s terrified when he begins to force himself on her.

In a state of utter shock after being raped by Craig, Lydia’s unable to process what has just happened to her. Craig drives an utterly broken Lydia home. Making her excuses, Lydia escapes upstairs.

Killing a call from Craig, Lydia silently sobs as the shower’s hot water runs over her. Lydia takes the decision to hide away the clothes she was wearing when she was raped, resolved to keep her trauma a secret.

Statistics show that 1 in 2 rapes against women are carried out by their partner or an ex-partner and these episodes have been produced with the support of Rape Crisis England and Wales, who have worked closely with Emmerdale to ensure the story is portrayed accurately and sensitively.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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