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Mack takes drastic measures as Amy refuses to tell him where his son is in Emmerdale

How far is he willing to go?

Hiding the truth about Chloe and Reuben from Mack, Matty causes tension as Moira wants a big family Christmas. As she pressures Matty into convincing Amy to join, Mack struggles with the idea of sitting around a Christmas dinner table with Amy while grieving his missing son.

As a heated argument erupts between Matty and Amy, it's not long before Matty cracks and tells Mack that he and Amy are visiting Chloe and Reuben tomorrow. Darkly processing this new information, Matty rushes round to see Charity, fired-up with hope and a plan to get his son back.

As Amy's car leaves the village, Mack and Charity covertly follow, but when they get stuck at some temporary traffic lights, Matty’s horrified and Amy’s furious to spot Mack and Charity are following them.

With Mack increasingly frustrated over Amy’s unwillingness to tell him where his son is, he takes drastic measures and snatches her phone, planning to lure Chloe to a meet-up by pretending to be her sister.

Soon, an oblivious Chloe is excited as she prepares Reuben to meet Amy in a nearby park. But a careless word from Mackenzie in a text sent to Chloe from Amy’s phone leads a suspicious Chloe to realise she’s walking into a trap.

As she sends a reply telling Mack he’ll never see his son again, his despair quickly turns to fury and Amy shames Mack for isolating vulnerable Chloe even further.

When Matty accuses Mack of destroying his relationship with Amy, Mack’s sarcastic response prompts Matty to punch him, leaving Mack in turmoil after Amy hopes he’ll never see Reuben again.

After an angry Amy blames him for leaving Chloe isolated, alone and on the run, a stricken Matty heads off in defeat, believing their relationship is over.

Later, up at the HOP, Amy’s startled when a hooded figure grabs her.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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