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Mackenzie confronts Haz after suspecting he's behind the recent cybercrimes in Neighbours

As he opens up, can Mackenzie forgive Haz’s sordid past?


Having hit her savings goals, Holly excitedly ropes in Byron to go car shopping as Haz listens in on their conversation remotely.

Soon after, Haz receives a USB containing an animation of himself as a creepy skeleton, accompanied by a hostile message. When Byron mentions he saw someone watching him over the backyard fence, Haz's anxiety escalates.

Later, when Haz makes a comment on the car Holly plans to buy, she questions how Haz knew that detail and he awkwardly covers, realising he must have heard it while monitoring her.

Concerned by Haz’s recent odd behavior, Holly checks in with him but a stressed Haz tells her to get off his case. Not long after, Holly is distressed to discover her bank account empty and unbeknownst to her, the money has mysteriously made its way to Haz’s personal bank account.

As Holly delivers the news of her cyber burglary to Byron and Mackenzie, Haz successfully emulates their shock, but his guilt privately flares. In an attempt to make amends, Haz attempts to anonymously deliver an envelope containing Holly’s original twenty thousand dollars. But when Mackenzie and Holly catch him in the act, he struggles to provide a feasible explanation for his actions, piquing Mackenzie’s suspicions.

Later, Haz receives a screenshot of Mackenzie’s email from his tormentor and is deeply hurt to read her confession that she’s never going to love Haz the way she loves Hendrix.

Meanwhile, Andrew discovers that the cybercrimes against Jane, Aaron and Holly have all come from the same IP address and have been executed through a malware app.

Following Andrew’s advice, Mackenzie downloads an antivirus app and discovers the malware has also been installed on her phone. When Haz tries to downplay the incident, in order to cover his tracks, he becomes increasingly argumentative, leaving Mackenzie with the uncomfortable feeling that Haz is somehow involved in the cybercrime.

Suspicious that Haz is somehow involved in the AI attacks, Mackenzie snoops through his bag where she discovers a hard drive. Plugging it into her laptop, she's shocked to have her suspicions confirmed when she finds all of the AI files in question. It’s now just a matter of waiting for the right time and place to confront Haz about her discovery.

When Mackenzie issues Haz with an ultimatum, he defeatedly bears all about his shady past in IT, leaving her reeling in shock. With Haz wanting her to let him deal with it his way, Mackenzie is determined to let the police know.

Desperate not to lose the new life he’s worked so hard to build, Haz begs her for more time.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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