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Mackenzie’s harsh words cause Amira to make a big decision about her future in Erinsborough in Neighbours

Can she be convinced to stay in Erinsborough?


As Amira repeatedly gets in the way of Mackenzie and Haz spending any quality time together, Mackenzie’s frustrations with Amira continue to escalate.

Admitting to knowing his sister can be a little overbearing and annoying sometimes, Haz says he would rather focus on rebuilding his relationship with family than sweating the small irritations.

However, things reach boiling point when Mackenzie discovers she’s been completely left out of Haz’s legal defence, organised by his family, and Amira is a little dismissive of her shock and hurt feelings.

Trying to keep a lid on Mackenzie’s frustration, Holly counsels her to simply ask Amira for the time she needs with Haz. However, when Amira can’t understand why she needs to give up her limited time with her brother, Mackenzie retaliates by revealing he criticised her and called her annoying.

Escaping the house to process her feelings, Amira runs into Nicolette and Vic again on the street. While Haz is horrified by Mackenzie potentially wrecking things between him and his sister, Amira returns to the house and informs them she’s leaving.

As tension lingers between Haz and Mackenzie over her harsh words, Amira books a flight home, causing Mackenzie to make a sincere apology to her, admitting her desire to repair things with Haz clouded her better judgement.

Touched by Mackenzie's genuine regret, Amira admits she wasn’t entirely wrong about her. She has been a bit overbearing as she felt guilty for being apart from Haz for so long.

Thanks to a work emergency back home, Amira still decides to leave, but at least it's on much better terms with Mackzenzie and with Haz.

Neighbours continues Mondays to Thursdays on Amazon Freevee


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