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Man Like Mobeen to Return for a Second Series

After what feels like FOREVER, today BBC Three have finally confirmed that Guz Khan's sitcom Man Like Mobeen will be returning for a second series.

Once again, the series will contain four episodes and filming will begin in Birmingham later this year.

Man Like Mobeen, written and created by Guz Khan and Andy Milligan, follows Mobeen (Guz Khan), a 29-year-old man from Small Heath, a reported no go zone for anyone who isn’t Muslim and a hotbed for terrorist activity.

In reality Mobeen, like most other people in Birmingham, knows no terrorists, and spends his personal time parenting his best friends Eight and Nate and - most importantly - his little sister and love of his family life, Aqsa. He does all of this alone, acting as a very hairy mother, father and brother figure in the hood.

Offering a rarely seen insight into working class life as an ethnic minority, Man Like Mobeen addresses real issues whilst maintaining the comedic palatability of Guz Khan’s unique voice.

Speaking about the recommission, Guz Khan said “I always knew we could make something that would make working class people laugh and be proud of who we are. It just so happens that Cuthbert from Monmouth and a couple of UKIP supporters liked it as well. Who’d have thought hey?”

Executive Producer David Simpson added “We are so delighted audiences have embraced Guz Khan’s brilliantly funny character Mobeen and we cannot wait to continue telling his unique, funny and often poignant story.”

Controller Comedy Commissioning at the BBC Shane Allen, said “A welcome return for our mischievous Muslim misfits in this subversive sitcom which nimbly walks the line of challenging lazy stereotypes through its sharp writing and a knockout ensemble cast of richly drawn characters.”

Man Like Mobeen will return in 2019 on BBC Three


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