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Mandy and Paddy get close after a few drinks in Emmerdale

As old passions are reawakened, how far will they go?

When Bear reveals that he's set them up on a double date, Paddy is surprised and whilst remaining polite, is horrified to be forcibly thrown back into the dating pool.

But with Bear not getting the hint Paddy isn’t in the right headspace for all this socialising, he encourages him to hit the town with their dates Carol and Bev. Thinking up an excuse, Paddy sighs with relief as Bear leaves with Carol and Bev.

The next day, Chas is taken aback when she thinks she overhears Paddy bragging about being single. And when Chas flirtatiously banters with Kev the drayman, Paddy is cut deep.

Putting Paddy in his place over his controlling behaviour, Chas reminds him that it’s his choice to remain living with her. But when the exchange leaves Paddy looking bereft, Mandy is concerned and the next day, he tries to hide from Mandy, but has no luck.

Admitting he's lost, Mandy wordlessly moves in to hold broken Paddy, knowing how hard it can be to move forward when you still love someone. Quietly struck by Mandy’s observation, Paddy senses that perhaps she knows how he feels right now.

Back at the Woolpack, Paddy and Mandy open a bottle of wine and as the implication of Mandy's words hangs between them, they both find themselves coyly avoiding making eye contact.

As the afternoon draws on, Paddy and Mandy reminisce through music and dissolve into helpless, cathartic, alcohol-fuelled laughter. Wrestling with her conscience, Mandy locks eyes with a drunk Paddy.

Elsewhere, Chas makes her disdain for Caleb’s interference in her relationship with Paddy clear.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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