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Mandy suffers a panic attack in Hollyoaks as Ella runs away

With Ella missing, will she be found?

As Ella tries to adjust back to life in the village, Nancy tries to keep her return from distracting Charlie. But the close friends meet in secret, only to be caught by Darren. When Nancy finds out, she and Darren make the shocking decision to forbid Ella from seeing Charlie.

Keeping secrets again, Mandy avoids telling Ella the truth about being forbidden to see Charlie and Ste convinces his son, Lucas to help Ella get involved in the Game of Assassins. But instead, he plays a cruel joke on her, making her feel even worse.

On a mission to help her feel better, Mandy asks Charlie to visit Ella in secret, but they’re caught out again and when Ella discovers that Charlie isn’t meant to see her, she lashes out at Mandy. After retaliating with a hurtful comment, Mandy later finds an empty till at The Hutch with a note from Ella saying she’s run away.

As the search is on for missing Ella, Darren, Nancy and Jack realise that Ella has stolen money and Mandy pleads with them not to tell the police.

However, the stress gets too much for Mandy and she has a panic attack.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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