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Manpreet and Charles' past teased in Emmerdale

But will she convince him to keep quiet?

When Charles and Manpreet share a passing glimpse in the village, it's clear that they're both thrown by the encounter.

Up at The Hide, Manpreet casually asks Rishi about Charles, her panic rising as she hears he’s the new vicar and lodging with Rhona. Distressed, Manpreet fakes illness and rushes off to find Charles, leaving Rishi confused.

Still shaken by his encounter with Manpreet, Charles is shocked when Manpreet turns up at the church. Sensing the atmosphere, Harriet leaves them alone.

Addressing her as Saira, Charles tells her he thought she was dead. With her past having clearly come back to haunt her.

What could their history be? And when she begs him to keep quiet about their past, will he agree?

Charles addresses a guilty Manpreet as Saira, and tells her he thought she was dead. Her past has clearly come back to haunt her; what is Charles and Manpreet’s history? Manpreet begs Charles to keep quiet about their past but will he agree?

Emmerdale continues Monday - Friday at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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