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Manpreet disappears in Emmerdale after suffering a panic attack at Meena's plea hearing

And when Meena pleads guilty to the first of her many charges, what game is she playing?

Nervously awaiting Meena’s plea hearing, Manpreet puts on a brave face but is apprehensive to know that Charles and Liam cannot discuss Meena’s confession on the stand.

As anticipation builds for the plea hearing, the villagers prepare to face her in court and Meena, perturbed by the meagre turn-out for her hearing, does her best to unsettle what audience she has attracted.

To the court’s surprise, Meena pleads guilty to the first of her many charges but what game is she playing?

Suffering a panic attack, Manpreet becomes utterly overwhelmed by the pressure of testifying and in a state of sheer distress, sets off in her car. However, she soon abandons both her phone and car and disappears into the night.

Later, concerns grow surrounding Manpreet’s whereabouts.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV

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