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Manpreet questioned by police after Meena's confession in Emmerdale

Will Meena succeed in taking Manpreet down with her?

After agreeing to visit Meena in exchange for her confession, Manpreet questions her decision. But when she finally arrives, Meena asserts that they both have to take responsibility for their actions; meaning that Manpreet will have to reveal that she lied to the police in her testimony to protect Liam.

Losing it at Meena's audacity, Manpreet slaps her across the face and is massively relieved when, in the wake of the slap, Meena seems to agree to confess her crimes.

Returning to the village, Manpreet meets with Charles who is relieved to hear that Meena’s agreed to confess.

However, back at the police station, it seems that Meena’s completely turning the tables on Manpreet, lying to the police that it was Manpreet who killed Andrea.

Utterly convincing and determined, Meena wants to take Manpreet down with her and the next day, the police take Manpreet in for questioning over Meena’s latest accusations.

And Manpreet feels like she will never escape the shadow cast by Meena’s actions.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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