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Maria decides to withdraw from politics in Corrie as Gary takes matters into his own hands

Can Sally change her mind?

While coming under fire from her neighbours over their unemptied bins, a stressed Maria bites Max’s head off as she worries about the video but when Liam gets into a fight at school, it becomes clear there’s now another viral video doing the rounds.

This time, it's Maria’s head placed on a naked woman to make it look like she’s in a porn film. Devastated, Maria is left shaken by how convincing the deep-fake video is and reckons the police need informing about the threats she’s receiving.

Despite Gary's misgivings, Maria refuses to hide away and hosts a press conference where she's heckled by refuse team leader Jimmy. who Gary decides is behind the online alias making threats and aggressively pins him against the wall.

When Maria decides that being on the council isn’t worth all the strife it’s putting their family through, Sally’s shocked to hear that Maria’s withdrawing from local politics. Explaining that she’s been in her position, Sally implores her not to be beaten in her quest to make a difference. Will Maria be swayed?

Later, during Liam's Star Trek-themed birthday party at the bistro, Gary pulls him, Maria, Kelly and Jake in for a family selfie but the happy moment is short-lived when Maria orders him not to share it online for fear of another backlash.

Upset that she chose to censor herself by not sharing the family selfie, Maria tells Gary that her trolls are winning by making her scared and Gary comforts her.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV


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