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Marie is determined to track down youngest son Arlo in Hollyoaks

But can Abe stop her?


Extending an olive branch to his mum, Joel tells her that he's missed having her in his. But when Leela can’t find the money she had put aside for Daniel’s school trip, Joel believes his mum took it and goes to confront her.

Meanwhile, Tony has agreed Marie can do her nail business in The Dog if her customers by a drink. But when Joel accuses her of stealing, Marie pleads with her son to believe her claiming she hasn’t taken it.

As Joel tries to make amends with Marie, the pair have a heartfelt conversation over a nail appointment and they both agree to move forward and try to rebuild their relationship. Wanting to help his mum find his younger brother, Arlo, Joel suggests that she moves in with him and Leela.

When the new private investigator discovers CCTV images of Arlo in Dublin, Marie is excited, but is shocked when it’s revealed the previous PI also tracked the youngster there but Abe told him not to follow the lead.

Claiming it was because the images were too blurry to be certain, Abe is forgiven but an image of someone else in the picture with his back to the camera has him looking worried.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes available weekdays at 7.30pm on Channel 4 streaming


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