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Marlon returns home in Emmerdale

But is that the best place for him?

As everyone prepares for Marlon's return to the village, April prepares 'Welcome home' decorations, Mary reassures her daughter she’s there to support her throughout his recovery and in the hospital, Marlon thanks Gail as he prepares to leave.

Back in the village, Cain and Chas watch from the pub as an emotional Marlon arrives back home.

Once he's settled in, it’s slightly chaotic as they start to work out a way of going forward and there are soon challenges on all sides and it’s emotional for all.

April’s pleased to spend time with her dad but when she helps her dad to a drink of water Marlon starts choking. Terrified, April believes he's having another stroke and calls desperately for Rhona.

Having left April and Marlon both distraught, the next day April arranges to spend time at a friend’s house rather than be at home and Marlon is adamant he should return to hospital, after seeing the stress his condition is placing on his family.

Rhona tries to play mediator between a tearful April and Marlon but April wants to talk to her father alone and soon an emotional conversation follows. Can April convince her father to stay with them at home?

As the family begin to navigate their new future, Marlon finds it hard to communicate. Could Bear hold some answers?

The next day, Rhona jumps in back at work to help Dawn with an injured dog and Marlon worries about family finances after Charity informs him he’ll have to go onto statutory sick pay. And Rhona suggests that she starts back part-time to bring in some more money.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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