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Marlon returns to hospital in Emmerdale after struggling to breathe

Has Rhona returned to work too early?

When Rhona excitedly prepares for work, happy to be back, Moira notices how distracted Rhona is with her mind elsewhere and soon her worry is well-founded.

With Marlon stifling a worrying cough, Rhona is determined to have a better day than yesterday but is nervous about leaving Marlon home alone.

Meanwhile, as Bear takes Marlon on a visit to the allotment, his coughing gets worse and Liam suggests driving Marlon to the hospital. Mortified at how his day has turned out, Bear explains to Rhona that Liam has taken Marlon to the hospital. Panicking, Rhona is cross at her mother for allowing him out.

In the hospital, Rhona’s sick with worry to learn Marlon has developed aspiration pneumonia and is wearing a breathing mask as his coughing worsens. And it's worrying times as Marlon sees the concern in Rhona’s eyes that his condition is worse than she lets on.

The next day, the doctor informs Marlon and Rhona his rehabilitation progress will likely regress and they’re both heartbroken by this step backwards.

Meanwhile, Paddy’s taken aback to hear his father Bear blame himself for Marlon’s current predicament.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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