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Marlon struggles in the aftermath of his stroke in Emmerdale

Is Rhona pushing him too far?

As Marlon and Rhona struggle in the aftermath of Marlon’s stroke, Paddy is not coping with Marlon’s predicament and soon the Dingles prepare a video to send to Marlon in hospital. Worried he's being fake, Paddy buckles under the pressure and records an inadequate message.

In the hospital, as Marlon meets with his speech therapist, he agonisingly struggles to form easy words and Rhona is gutted to see how upset Marlon is at his slow progress. But when Rhona pushes a stubborn Marlon a little too hard, the nurse takes her aside and gently advises Rhona to put less pressure on him.

Recognising Rhona is at a low ebb, Paddy promises to do better but fails to convince a gutted Rhona. And once she's back at the hospital, Marlon accepts Rhona’s apology but can’t bring himself to watch the video. Worried it'll serve as a reminder of everything he's lost.

Whilst Mary worries that Rhona is putting too much pressure on herself, Marlon regrets his decision to ban visitors as he’s engulfed by a long silence.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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