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Marlon takes drastic action to protect April from trolls after discovering the truth in Emmerdale

Will April be open to his help?

When she receives a cruel meme of Donna on her phone, April is distraught. Seeking solace at Donna's grave, she questions why the trolls hate her so much.

Coming to join her, Cathy assures her she’ll protect her and reckons it’s best for April to keep the bullying secret from Marlon. April agrees but is horrified to later discover a troll account called ‘Dead Donna’ has been created.

With Rhona convinced that April is hiding something, she tells Marlon that she's worried April is lying to them. When they overhear Cathy and Heath discussing April’s online ordeal, Marlon demands the full story and they reveal the extent of April’s torment.

Determined to ensure that she doesn't suffer any longer, Marlon sets out to find April and finds her at Donna's grave. He admits to her that he knows about her internet ordeal and they're both tearful as he apologises for letting her down by not protecting her.

Intent on ridding April of the bullies once and for all, Marlon takes her phone and deletes all her social media accounts, telling her he’s keeping her phone for a few weeks until it all settles down.

Unsure, April forces a smile and Marlon pulls her close for a hug, clearly guilt-stricken to have let her down.

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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