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Martin discovers that Ruby 'spent the night' with Zack in EastEnders

But is all as it seems?

After Zack brings another girl back to the flat, Sharon makes it clear that he has to stop this behaviour and needs to get a job.

When Martin returns home, Sharon tells him that she has sent Zack to Ruby’s in the hope of him getting a job. But when Martin arrives, he is not impressed to see Zack trying to flirt with his wife.

As Sharon pours over ideas for launching the gym, Ruby, Martin and Lily walk past and Zack flirtatiously asks if they can promote the gym at the club. Martin looks on annoyed as Ruby agrees.

Later in the club, Sharon and Ruby look over details of the launch event while Zack flirts with Ruby. Having seen this unfold, Lily asks Ruby if she fancies Zack and is alarmed when Ruby tells her to stay out of it.

Back at home, Martin is left reeling when Lily tells him that when he was away, Ruby spent lots of time with Zack and that he even spent the night.

Storming over to the club, Martin interrupts Sharon, Ruby and Zack who are chatting about the gym launch. And Sharon later tells an incredulous Zack that he has to apologise to Martin

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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