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Martin is concerned about Theo's behaviour in EastEnders

Is there more to Theo than he's letting on?

Will Lily feeling unwell ahead of the family conference, Stacey and Martin fret and Martin turns to Sonia who agrees to examine her. After finding that she has high blood pressure, the midwife later signs a dismayed Lily off school until she’s given birth.

As Lily worries about missing out on schoolwork and being bored at home. Martin tries to reassure her that things will be OK.

Later, a nervous Lily and Ricky attend the family conference group with their social workers and Lily feels increasingly sidelined and irritated as Stacey and Martin jump in to discuss the primary care for the baby. And Jack's comments don’t help the already tense situation.

In the café, Stacey conspires to get Theo to meet them who offers to tutor Lily for free while she’s off school. Whilst Stacey is thrilled, Martin questions why Theo is willing to do this. Could there be more to Theo than he’s letting on?

Digging for information on Theo via Freddie, Martin is deeply concerned when Lily lets slip that Theo bought trainers for her and confronts Stacey, who tells him to back off.

Undeterred, Martin heads to Theo’s old school and learns the reasons he left.

Back at the Slater house, Stacey hosts a tea for Theo just as Martin barges in, throwing some accusations around.

Following Martin's accusations, Stacey worries that Theo will be a no-show. But he turns up anyway and Stacey talk to Martin about his treatment of Theo. After coming up with a set of rules, Stacey and Martin are shocked to return home and neither Lily nor Theo is there!

Horrified, Stacey discovers that Lily has been rushed to the hospital and when they arrive, Martin grabs Theo and accuses him of hurting Lily but Theo protests his innocence.

EastEnders continues Mondays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One


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