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Martine and Felix's wedding day arrives in Hollyoaks

But with suspicions of Nate rising, will the day go without a hitch?

Wedding bells ring for Felix and Martine as they set a date for the big day. However, things take a worrying turn as Martine starts to miss some family members and a postcard sends Felix and Toby into a panic.

When the sender of the postcard is revealed, things seem to be back on track for the Devereaux family. But when DeMarcus surprises Nate with a bit of information, are things about to get worse?

Later, Grace catches Nate as he prepares to make use of DeMarcus’ key and there are some shocking revelations when Nate crumbles under Grace’s interrogation and she furiously cuts ties with Nate. But will she tell Martine what she knows?

As the pre-wedding celebrations approach, Toby and Celeste get a clear and messy warning that someone is onto them about Lisa.

When the day of Martine and Felix’s wedding arrives, with secrets set to be uncovered, will their day go off without a hitch?

Set on her decision to cut Nate out of her life, Grace's suspicions start to rise after a conversation with Martine about her children’s strange behaviour.

As Grace and Nate set a trap for the Deveraux family, luckily for them, someone bites and as Martine and Felix plan for their honeymoon, a postcard addressed to the Devereaux’s reveals that Nate isn’t done with them yet.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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