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Mary opens up about her sexuality in Emmerdale

How will Rhona take to the news?

When a question from Kim evokes some painful emotions, Mary starts acting evasive before deciding to come out to a supportive Kim. As she relays the story of her lost love, Mary feels like a weight has been lifted.

As Kim encourages Mary to come out to Rhona, she's nervous about telling a busy Rhona the truth about her sexuality.

A little later, Mary finally reveals to a stunned Rhona that she’s a lesbian and as Rhona finds out more about her mum’s revelation, she’s shocked to hear that the woman Mary fell in love with was Mary’s recently-deceased neighbour, Louise!

As Rhona starts to question whether her whole family was based on lies, Mary is hurt and worried by her daughter's reaction. But she's even more hurt when Rhona announces to the room that her mother is gay. Can the pair get past this?

Later, Mary bonds with Bear as she shares details of her life and sexuality.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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