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Mason pulls a knife out on Liam as Dylan slips into old habits in Corrie

And what will happen when Peter sees red?

Quizzing Dylan about his missing trainers, Sean vows to call the school for answers. As Dylan heads off, he gives Liam the cold shoulder when he waves at him and Gary clocks his animosity.

In school, Dylan warns Mason of Sean’s intention to report his missing trainers and both Mason and Conch tell Mrs Crawshaw that Liam stole Dylan’s trainers. When Mrs Crawshaw opens Liam’s locker, he realises he’s been stitched up.

When Liam shows Dylan all the nasty messages he’s received from Mason, he's urged to block the number. At school Mason gets in Liam’s face, telling him if he rats on him again to Gary, Maria will suffer.

Giving Dylan some cash, Gary and Maria suggest he and Liam bury the hatchet and go to the cinema. After Dylan tells Liam he’s sorry about the incident in the school, Mason approaches and Liam does a runner. As he heads into Victoria Court, Mason, Dylan and his cronies corner him, showering him in rubbish and calling him a rat.

When Mason starts taking pictures, Liam knocks the phone out of his hand and Mason pulls out a knife to threaten him.

Meanwhile, Simon takes delivery of a returns pallet and is disappointed to see it’s full of cheap rubbish and a box of vape pens and Leanne orders him to get rid of it.

The following day, Mason insists Dylan bunks off school with him and when they spot Simon loading the gear from the pallet into Peter’s car, Mason orders Dylan to steal the box of vape pens.

Peter is furious when Simon reveals that the vapes have been nicked and having ascertained that the thief is a mate of Dylan’s, Peter thunders on the door of No.11.

As Mason goads Peter, suggesting maybe he’ll run them over in his car, Peter loses it, breaks down the door and makes a grab for Dylan.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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