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Mason targets Leah in Hollyoaks after she drunkenly collapses

As he turns to the Men's First group for support, how far will Mason go?

DeMarcus asks for Leah, Charlie and Ella’s help in raising money for Vicky so she can see her mum this Christmas. In a bid to impress DeMarcus, Leah gives over some cash after selling her late mum’s old jewellery.

With nothing to sell, Charlie sets off the fire alarm so that he can steal from the school Christmas fair. But when they realise this is a bad idea, they instead come up with a plan to host a party tomorrow night at Charlie’s house whilst Nancy is out for the teacher’s Christmas party. And they plan to charge at the door.

At Price Slice, DeMarcus covers the CCTV cameras as Charlie buys loads of alcohol, but their plan is almost foiled when Brooke tells them they’re staying in tonight.

After hearing about a party, Honour’s niece Shing Lin wants in and tells Mason she will be his wing woman. When she arrives at the party, she turns heads and suggests a game of "Never have I ever..." and the teens play a game of pass the card by sucking with their mouths.

When Leah calls Mason a virgin, his night goes from bad to worse and he turns to the Men’s First chat. As he rings his sister Serena to help, before she picks up, Leah drunkenly collapses on the bed, not noticing Mason.

After taking pictures of her, Mason uploads them to the Men’s First chat and at the teen’s party, all eyes are on Mason. And when Lizzie and Serena lecture him for lying, Mason snaps at the girls and turns to the Men’s First group as he breaks down.

Meanwhile, with the Governors' visit at school and Beau’s first day, Nancy and Sally have their hands full and Nancy asks Beau for his help with her never-ending to-do list.

When Sally tells Beau and Nancy that they will have to cancel the teachers' party as the venue had to cancel, Tony suggests they do it at The Dog and Beau offers to decorate.

Jealous of how much time Nancy is spending with the charming Beau, Darren watches as the party kicks off at The Dog and Beau dances with the crowd.

Later, a drunken Nancy and Darren are shocked to discover Charlie had thrown a party in their absence. And a hungover Leah wants to hide away after last night, with Ste begging her to not go down this road and she promises not to drink until she’s of age. Letting her take the day off, Ste takes her out for breakfast at The Dog.

The next day, after finding Leah hiding in his van, avoiding school, Ste tells her to ignore the mean comments online and to go to school with her head held high. She takes his advice

Hollyoaks continues Mondays to Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4 with first look episodes available weekday mornings on All4 and weekday evenings at 7pm on E4

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