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Matty fears for his life as Samson is forced to confess in Emmerdale

Will Matty ever leave prison alive?


Whilst Sam wants son Samson to do a flit and escape justice, Lydia is unhappy that Samson wants to evade the law. 

Intercepting Samson’s secret rendezvous with Sam, Lydia implores Samson to head to the police station where he ultimately confesses to the truth of the ‘stabbing’, which leaves Sam feeling furious.

Before long, Lydia faces the rest of the Dingle family and Moira is relieved and hopeful, before facing Sam’s anger. As the rift between Sam and Cain becomes cataclysmic, Sam punches his brother to the floor.

The next day, when told about the confession, Matty at last has some hope, but is soon paralysed with fear as he’s escorted back to his prison cell to find transphobic Robbo waiting for him, goading him with violent threats. His time in prison isn’t over just yet.

Meanwhile, things are tense at the Dingles, when Cain comes round to ensure Samson doesn’t run away again and things again get heated between the brothers. With Samson nervous to be left alone with Cain, Moira and Amy are stressed as they await news.

Meanwhile, Matty shakes in fear in his cell and terrified for his life as he tries to block out transphobic abuse from other inmates.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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