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Matty fears for his safety after discovering who his new cellmate is in Emmerdale

But will he take Cain's advice?


After he tells her not to visit, Amy worries about Matty and when he calls from prison, Matty has a fraught but appreciated conversation with Amy and is left bravely smiling when he has to hang up the phone.

Returning to his cell, Matty tries to mask his horror at finding out that hardman Les has been moved in with him.

Taunting alarmed Matty with a series of quick witted and unnerving quips in his cell, Les continues to make the prison novice worry for his safety.

When Cain visits Matty, his attempts to bolster him fall flat and a terrified Matty points out Les as his new cellmate.

Despite Cain’s efforts to offer advice, Matty struggles to keep his emotions in check and Cain urges him to use violence against anyone who might threaten him. However, Matty’s terrified of what this means he’ll have to do.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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