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Matty gets emotional at his stag do after forgiving Claudette in Emmerdale

And is Kerry about to make Amy's hen do all about her?


When Claudette sheepishly confesses over what she said to Matty, Ethan is horified and helps his grandma see that she owes Matty an apology, reminding her that the most important teaching of Christianity is to love each other. And Claudette is grateful for his support.

As Moira makes her feelings about her ruining Matty’s wedding plans clear, Claudette is uneasy at the damage her callous words have ended up causing. But when she makes a heartfelt apology, Matty finds it in his heart to forgive Claudette.

Later that week, as Amy has her hen do, Victoria’s irked when Kerry brings out some naked butlers she’s hired and the night starts to look like it’s going to be the Kerry show.

Meanwhile, Matty gets emotional on his stag do and Kerry vows to pay for Amy and Matty’s wedding. But will she reveal the true source of the funds?

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV1


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