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Matty tries to get revenge on Suzy in Emmerdale

But what will this mean for Leyla?

When Callum turns up at Take A Vow asking her to store drugs in exchange for cash, Leyla is alarmed and knows she’s crossed a line when she calls Callum to accept his job.

Leyla’s uneasy when Callum turns up with a bag of drugs much larger than she agreed to store and is unsure of what to do when Callum pays her extra.

Later, Suzy’s surprised to see Callum outside Take A Vow and asks him if Leyla’s still scoring. Gobsmacked, Matty watches from afar, convinced he’s witnessing a drug deal.

When Suzy asks her if she’s back on cocaine, Leyla lies through her teeth, telling her she's kicked the having. But Suzy is suss.

As Matty secretly searches Take A Vow, he’s shocked to find a large holdall of drugs. Panicking, he grabs the holdall and darts off.

The next day, determined to make Suzy take responsibility for her actions, Matty is happy with himself when he takes the opportunity to plant the holdall full of drugs in Suzy’s car.

As Rhona’s hen party in the Hide gets underway. Matty’s simmering to see that Suzy has attended. And when an irate Matty berates her, she knows she isn’t welcome and leaves.

As Suzy drives off, Matty calls the police and reports the drugs he planted in her car.

When Callum returns to Take A Vow, Leyla is flustered when she can't find the drugs and is left terrified when Callum says he won’t be responsible for his actions if she doesn’t find the missing drugs by the end of the day.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV



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