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Max blackmails Phil in EastEnders before leaving Walford for good

But will he get what he wants? And will he leave alone?

After offering Linda an olive branch, Max forms a plan and desperately searches Jack's house. Pleased to find a USB stick, Max strides over to Phil's house holding it, leaving him bewildered.

As Phil looks at the evidence stacked up against him on the memory stick, Max points out how long he could get in prison and states what he wants.

Phil's mood changes when Max starts piling on the pressure, adamant he will give everything to the police. Fuming, Phil has no choice but to come clean to Sharon about Max and tells her that he has enough evidence to put him away for a very long time.

Approaching Max and Abi outside the Vic, Stacey reminds him it's been 11 years since Bradley has passed. Max then tells Linda that in a few hours he will have a surprise that may help her and maybe Mick. Realising that he knows about Mick's abuse, Linda is seething to learn that Jack told him.

As Jack heads to Mick’s to apologise, Mick is furious and heads out the door to find Max. After Max berates Linda for staying with him out of pity, Mick punches Max and threatens to kill him if he goes near Linda again.

When Jack steps in to try and diffuse the situation, Mick leaves and Jack's blood runs cold as he quickly realises what Max has done.

Linda is furious when Mick tells her that they can't move on if Max is around and goes to Max's to reiterate that she doesn't love him. Telling him to never speak to her again, Linda asks him to leave Walford. And when he tells her he loves her, she leaves.

Later, Jack reiterates what Linda has said, and tells Max that he needs to leave. Heading to the tube station, Max realises that there's no one left in Walford who wants him to stay.

But as he walks away from his life in Walford, holding little Abi, he makes a big decision.

EastEnders continues Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays on BBC One


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