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Max has a change of heart after planning revenge on Daniel in Corrie

But will he be too late? And have Daisy and Daniel lost each other for good?

Please note these spoilers are for Monday 20th to Friday 31st December

As David and Max meet with the Deputy Head, she confirms they’ll reach a decision regarding Max’s future by the end of the day and Daisy urges Daniel to try and persuade Mrs Crawshaw into giving Max another chance.

And when Daisy takes a call from Ashley, Daniel masks his jealousy.

Having taken a call from the school, Shona shares the news. But will be good or bad for Max?

As he sets up his laptop, ready for the carol concert, Max tampers with Daniel's laptop whilst he chats to Daisy. However, when Daisy reveals that it was Daniel who had him reinstated at school, Max is horrified and tries to rescue the laptop.

As Daniel flounders, Daisy steps in and grabs the microphone, telling the crowd that Daniel is the most decent and kindest man she’s ever met, leaving him genuinely touched.

But after Ken urges him to tell Daisy how he feels, she turns down his offer of a drink, explaining that Ashley’s taking her to a celeb bash.

With the party in full swing, it’s evident Daisy’s not enjoying herself and she makes her excuses.

Back on the street, Lydia is intrigued when she learns that Daniel is Adam’s uncle and as Adam and Daniel join Sarah and Lydia for a drink, Daniel’s impressed when he clocks the book that Lydia’s reading and they instantly hit it off.

As Daisy buzzes Daniel’s intercom, declaring she’s been an idiot and thinks the world of him, it’s Ken who answers and sends Daisy off to find Daniel.

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays plus Christmas Day and Boxing Day on ITV


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