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Max is horrified as he comes face to face with Griff in Corrie

Will Griff forgive Max for what he's done? And has Max turned a corner?

After questioning him about his involvement with Griff’s gang, the police release Max without charge but David is shocked when Gail refuses to support Max.

Max is horrified when he comes face to face with Griff and when Daryan tells David he tried to speak to Max but could hear him arguing with a man inside the house, David rushes to the house and a fight breaks out between him and Griff! Has David put himself and Max in danger?

When Spider discharges himself from the hospital, much to Toyah’s dismay, he’s determined to help the police find Griff and bring him to justice.

As David treads carefully around Max, Spider assures him that Max is a good kid and David just needs to have faith in him.

Meeting up with Lauren, Max is told that she’s moving to Devon to be with her mum and suggests he should come with her as they’re both public enemy number one. What will Max decide to do?

Elsewhere, Maria reopens the Peace Festival market in a bid to prove the community is united against Griff and his band of thugs. And she's approached by Councillor Len Cameron, who tells her he's organised a TV interview to discuss the attack.

But when Maria, David, Toyah and Spider listen to Len telling the TV reporter that the current open-door policies are clearly not working, Maria is furious and interrupts Len to tell the reporter that she vehemently disagrees and never has the community been more united.

Later, Maria is cockatoos when she finds out that the council have given the go-ahead for a new refugee centre. And Gary does his best to be pleased for her.

After skiving off school, Max admits to Gail that he can’t face people at the moment. 

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV1


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