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Maxine grows close to Fergus in Hollyoaks after finding out about Blue Bird

But how much does she really know? And will she regret her drunken mistake?

When Warren surprises Maxine with a new car, Misbah is furious with him for splashing cash whilst her home still has damp. And Fergus is still having trouble with project Blue Bird.

After Maxine offers to help Warren with some work, he doesn’t think she can do it. But when he storms off, she gathers his papers to prove that she can.

Whilst looking through, she notices a strange account that seems to be making thousands under the name ‘Blue Bird'. Worried that she's being kept in the dark, she prepares to ask Fergus about the account.

But as she's stopped by Trish, Maxine decides to ask Warren instead. When he threatens to confront Fergus, Maxine lies and says that she’s made a mistake and resorts back to asking Fergus himself.

Turning it back on Maxine, Fergus states that there might be problems in her relationship with Warren. And later, after an argument with Warren, Maxine confides in Fergus and the pair get drunk and very close.

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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