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Maxine makes shock decision after night with Fergus in Hollyoaks

What does this all mean for Warren?

Maxine is shocked as she wakes up next to a naked Fergus beside her. As she frantically tries to remember what happened, Fergus gives her the steamy details.

When Maxine says she wants to be honest about their rendezvous, Fergus tries to guilt her into keeping it a secret. But will she listen to him?

Also, Fergus has a big proposition for girlfriend Trish...

Elsewhere, Warren is nervous about seeing his children again and is hurt when Maxine doesn’t show up to support him.

Later, all eyes are on Maxine after she makes a huge shocking decision.

Struggling to focus on work, Warren demands answers but ends up getting the wrong end of the stick.

Thinking Maxine has been sleeping with Sami, Warren ends up threatening Misbah.

Disappointed in Warren’s recent behaviour, Fergus releases him from the business whilst Maxine tries to restore Misbah and Walter’s faith in him.

Later, Fergus has a change of heart...

Hollyoaks continues Mondays - Fridays at 6.30pm on Channel 4


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