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Meena confesses to killing Andrea in Emmerdale

But will Charles allow himself to be manipulated?

Aware that Meena’s plea hearing is coming up, Charles realises that he needs to get a move on with his plan to crack Meena’s confession.

Visiting Meena in prison, Charles is caught off guard when she definitively admits that she killed Andrea. As Meena spills every painful detail about Andrea’s murder, Charles struggles to hold it together.

Back at the church, Charles is tortured by his meeting with Meena but after some wise words from Harriet, decides to hold a support group to help those whose lives were affected by Meena’s actions and is immediately encouraged when Liam agrees to participate.

The next day, over the phone, Charles refuses to see Meena again, deciding to instead put the congregation first.

Furious, Meena bashes the phone receiver against the prison wall, knowing that her plan to manipulate Charles has been foiled.

Will Meena find a different way to get to him? And how will the support group react when they find out Charles has been visiting her in prison?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm and Thursdays at 8pm on ITV


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