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Meena makes front page news in Emmerdale as she prepares to face Manpreet in court

But can she walk free?

With Meena determined to walk free from her crimes and put on a show in court at the same time, Manpreet decides to testify and accepts Ethan's offer to help her prepare for court, bravely resolving to face her fears.

After the news seeps into prison, Meena’s all fired-up and ready to put on a show-stopping performance in court, excited by the opportunity to publicly destroy her sister.

When Manpreet hears that Wendy has been called as a witness for the defence, she wonders what Meena is planning. Together they discuss the pressure of their roles in the upcoming trial with, both worried about taking the stand and Manpreet enlists Ethan's help, bracing herself for the defence’s interrogation.

Meanwhile, in her prison cell, Meena’s grateful for the chocolate bar a prison officer slips her and is pleased to see the charm offensive pay off as she also receives a smuggled newspaper from him later that day.

Finally capturing the world’s attention, Meena’s delighted to see herself on the front cover and savours the thought of facing her sister tomorrow in court.

Emmerdale continues Mondays to Fridays at 7.30pm on ITV


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